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I'm making a memory game and i have generated a table with cards and you can click in them so they turn around with different images. Now i want to turn them back after some second or something. I guess i should use setTimeOut but i dont know how.

Some of my code so far:

turnBrick: function(link, img, pic) {

        link.onclick = function(e) {

            if(img.getAttribute("src") == "pics/0.png") {
                img.setAttribute("src", "pics/" + Memory.arrayRandom[pic - 1] + ".png");



Note: link is the brick clicked, img i just to check if not clicked and pic is in what order the method is run (like first time, or second time etc.)

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Write a JavaScript function to turn the brick back over, then call it with

setTimeout('TurnBrickOver()', 3000)

which will call the turn the brick over function in 3 (3000 milliseconds)

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