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On Symfony 1.4.11 I have a boolean field that is set on a form by a HTML checkbox. When the value is 0 (unchecked) then the HTML of the checkbox is

<input type="checkbox" value="" name="gift_type[valid]">

When I try and save the from it is always saved as zero, I assume because the input has no value.

The code I am using for the checkbox is generated by the symfony admin generator so I thought it would just work "out of the box". If I uncheck a true value then that works as expected.


    valid: { type: boolean, notnull: true, default: true }


    'valid' => new sfWidgetFormInputCheckbox()
    'valid' => new sfValidatorBoolean(array('required' => false))
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Your HTML checkbox looks funny, are you sure it's been generated by symfony? (the id is missing i.e.)

<input type="checkbox" name="gift_type[valid]" checked="checked" id="gift_type_valid" />

Anyway all the code you show is OK, there is no need to change the schema type! (ping @richrosa). sfValidatorBoolean return a boolean value, then it's passed to the object, and then the object is saved. You have to debug your model. Out of the box, a boolean field in the Doctrine Admin Generator work perfectly fine.

You can add this code in your GiftTypeForm class to help debug:

  protected function doUpdateObject($values)

If you don't see the "valid" key boolean, there is a validation process error, if it's here, you have a model issue (have you overwrite the save method?).

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It looks like sfWidgetFormInputCheckbox has been overridden by a file of the same name in /lib/vender/symfony/widget where its render methods outputs $format = <<<FORMAT <ul class="inputs-list"> <li> <label> <input type="checkbox" name="%name%" value="%value%"%attributes%/> <span>%label%</span> </label> </li> </ul> FORMAT; I removed the offending code and it now outputs with an ID and works as expected. Not sure where this code came from (I'm not the original dev) but I think this should solve my issues. – uberweb Jan 9 '12 at 23:35

I'm not aware of how Symfony works. In plain PHP/HTML the value of the checkbox is independent of whether it is checked or unchecked. If a checkbox is checked it's value will be submitted in the form post; if it is unchecked it won't be submitted.

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Try changing your datatype to tinyint.

valid: { phpName: Valid, type: TINYINT, size: '4', required: false }

Here is a checkbox with a default value and a label.

'valid' => new sfWidgetFormInputCheckbox(array('label'=>'My Label') , array('value' => '1'));
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