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I am using urls like this parameters


I urlencode them in the links. This all works until there are special characters in the parameters.

For example


If, in title I have Love & Life, first time it encodes it has Love+%26+Life, sometimes it becomes Love+%26amp%3B+Life.

Why is this happening? I appreciate any help.

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in the latter case it is being XML/HTML encoded before it is being URL encoded (although the (space) to + transformation is outside the definition of percent encoding): It goes Love & Life -> Love & Life -> that stuff. But since I don't use either PHP or Cake ... can't say more :) – user166390 Jan 9 '12 at 7:17
How are your urls created? – kaklon Jan 9 '12 at 9:25
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You need to use html_entity_decode() first. That will turn & (which is encoded for html, not urls) into & then unlencode() which will turn it into %26

HTML and URLs have different reserved chars and are encoded differently. A lot of frameworks will automatically encode html entities to help prevent your page from rendering oddly. Imagine you had < in a string, that could screw up the page when it was displayed so it will get echo'd to the html as &lt; and the browser will render it as <instead of treating it as part of a tag.

You can't directly encode &lt; into %3C (< urlencoded) because it will think you literally want to encode &lt; and not < this is why you need to make a pass through html_entity_decode()

Here is a code snippet:

$str = 'Love &amp; Life'; //start with string that may or may not contain htmlentities
$decodedStr = html_entity_decode($str); //replace html entities with their literal counterparts
$urlEncodedStr = urlencode($decodedStr); //urlencode!

Hope this helps!

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As to where exactly the html entities are encoded or why it's encoding sometimes but not others, I can't help without actually looking at your code. – Code Magician Jan 9 '12 at 7:34

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