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if there is an integer say 111 then there are 4 ways in which it can be said: 1. one one one 2. double two one 3. one double two 4. triple one

so how can one generate all possible ways for any integer eg. 33356777 etc. I think this can be done by automata but can't figure out how programatically Thanks.

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the number of possibilities to descrine d^n [n times digit d] as explained in the question is exponential. Are you looking for the number of options or the actual ways? – amit Jan 9 '12 at 7:43
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The number of ways to "say" d^n where d is the digit and n is the number of repeats is simply 2^(n-1).

Why? For each place between the repeating digit at place i and place (i+1): You can either "stop there" and tell the generated number so far, and advance to the next - or you can keep counting the d's and go on. You repeat it for each i.

To sum it all up, you go through your number, and multiply all of these: for exampe 33356777 will be 2^2 * 2^0 * 2^0 * 2^2 = 16

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thanks a lot :) – pranay Jan 9 '12 at 10:05

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