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I understand why RIMAPPSA2 permission is thrown when signing a BlackBerry application. However, I don't know which classes, functions and/or API requires such permission.

Is there any way to find out (or better a documentation listing that information) ?


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I have just solved a similar problem for myself. As per my answer on BlackBerry RIMAPPSA2 signing key required — why?. I have updated this answer to help in case of future searches on similar words...

This might be due to a bug in Eclipse or RIM. You might not be using the RIMAPPSA2 classes.

OK, so its hard to believe but this page might fix the problem for some:

Basically its a bug, and by changing the Application Descriptor, saving, removing & re-adding the JAR file, the problem is fixed.

Follow-up #1 - might not work:

The above solution enabled me to build & sign the app. Unfortunately the app won't run on the phone Module 'MyApp" attempts to access a secure API.

Follow-up #2 - this worked for me:

I documented a full solution that worked for me here:

In my case, I was importing my own JAR file, and I needed to set that project's build type to be a MIDLET. Setting it as LIBRARY or APPLICATION caused problems.

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RIMAPPSA2 permission is required when dealing with Blackberry Controlled APIs. In this particular case, I was definining new classes and redefining existing classes in one of the packages part of the Blackberry Controlled APIs.

Moving my classes to package not controlled by Blackberry Controlled APIs solved the issue.

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