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I am using below code to get profile image of friends using Resfb. I get the response too with name id and image. Please some one help me asap on how to get the image from this data.


Connection<User> myFriends = facebookClient.fetchConnection("me/friends", User.class,Parameter.with("fields", "id, name,picture"));


"data":[{"id":"554603591","name":"Arjun Rao","picture":"http:\/\/\/hprofile-ak-snc4\/211391_554603591_2022493_q.jpg"}"


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You can use restfb to parse Json-Objects:

JsonObject obj = new JsonObject(SERVER_RESPONSE);
try {
     String pictureURL = obj.getString("picture");
catch(JsonException e) {
       // key 'picture' not found
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You know how to parse the response?

If yes, just get the URL of the image, open a URLConnection and do a getInputStream() (the code for this is here).

With the InputStream, you can save to a file or send it to the client.

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Consider adding context for the link. See How to Answer for details why. – bytebuster Oct 20 '12 at 1:22

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