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My compiled js gets bigger and bigger these days. When I took a look at the GWT output cache.html, I was surprised seeing the first hundreds of lines in the form:

function it(){}
function ht(){}
function tt(){}
function It(){}
function Gt(){}
function Lt(){}

And then hundreds of

function Qy(b){this.b=b}
function QR(b){this.b=b}
function iR(b){this.b=b}
function tR(b){this.b=b}
function GM(b){this.b=b}

Is this something that can be easily optimized, or if I am missing some switches on the compiler?


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As far as I can tell, most (if not all) of these functions are constructors; their .prototype will be assigned later; so there's no way to merge them together.

Note that the compiler groups them together so that GZip produces smaller compressed files, see http://timepedia.blogspot.com/2009/08/on-reducing-size-of-compressed.html

The GWT team is also continuously working on optimizing the generated JS code, so always stick to the latest GWT version and you'll see improvements coming (for instance, there's work in progress for using the Closure Compiler to further optimize the generated JS, in addition to changing the way Java is transformed to JS, e.g. r10441, r10480, r10825, etc.)

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