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I want to know are there any classes that I can animate a GridLength value using KeyFrames? I have seen the following sites, but none of them were with KeyFrames:

Any advice?

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There are a couple of answers (including video that you're pointing at): In WPF, has anybody animated a Grid? –  Anatolii Gabuza Jan 9 '12 at 9:04

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Create an attached behavior and animate it instead.

Sure, GridLength clearly is not a numeric type and as such it's not clear how it can be animated. To compnesate that I can create an attached behavior like:

public class AnimatableProperties
        public static readonly DependencyProperty WidthProperty =
            new PropertyMetadata(-1, (o, e) => 
                AnimatableProperties.OnWidthChanged((Grid)o, (double)e.NewValue);

        public static void SetWidth(DependencyObject o,
            double e)
            o.SetValue(AnimatableProperties.WidthProperty, e);

        public static double GetWidth(DependencyObject o)
            return (double)o.GetValue(AnimatableProperties.WidthProperty);

        private static void OnWidthChanged(DependencyObject target,
            double e)
            target.SetValue(Grid.WidthProperty, new GridLength(e));

That will re-inroduce Grid width as numeric property of double type. Having that in place you can freely animate it.

P.S. Obviously it doesn't make much sense to use Grid's Width as it's already double. any other GridLength based properties can be wrpapped with double wrappers as per the sample above and then animated via that wrappers.

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Can you explain a little bit more? –  Hamed Jan 9 '12 at 15:38

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