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I remember seeing something of that sort a couple of years ago but I can't recall what it was? I'm not searching for conqueror which is an external web browser.

Does any of you about such a browser?

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Though it's not yet stable, I keep an eye on emacs-xwidgets –  Daimrod Jan 9 '12 at 12:27
As of Emacs 24.4 (not yet released), there is a built-in web browser: M-x eww (alias M-x web). That's an enhancement of the shr html rendering that's been in since 24.1, so you can make do with that in some situations; see stackoverflow.com/questions/19632185/… –  phils Feb 22 at 0:24

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w3m can be run in Emacs buffer as well through emacs-w3m. Note that contrary to Emacs/W3, this is not a pure browser implemementation in Emacs Lisp, but an interface to a standalone tool, and in fact it's not graphical as well.

Some day http://www.emacswiki.org/emacs/EmacsXWidgets work will be finished and hackers will be able to surf the interwebs conviniently without leaving Emacs at all since modern browsers will merge with their notorious ancestor.

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I think you might be looking for Emacs/W3 but as it stated in the corresponding wikipedia article, it is now somewhat obsolete. A rewrite is pending, but I don't know about its status.

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I don't think it's being actively developed, but you might try EZBL:

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