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I tried to add some tooltip text to ImgButton.

ImgButton imgButton = new ImgButton();

The problem is that rendered HTML-Image element contains "alt" attribute.

<img src="http://*/button.png" width="24" height="24" align="TEXTTOP" name="isc_Umain" alt="text" border="0" suppress="TRUE">

And this alt attribute works not properly in browsers like IE. It shows alt attribute content as a tooltip. So I've got two tooltips placed on each other.

About Img tag and alt attribute

I need to remove alt attribute from Img tag in HTML or I need to find out where this alt attribute is inserted while smartGWT constructing its components.

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This Bug has been introduced by SmartGWT 2.5. In previous version like 2.4 , it's working fine. The reason is . In SmartGWT 2.5 they have added support in "altText" to img.

But this problem has been resolved in latest version of SmartGWT

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I've solved this problem by overriding getInnerHTML() method and cutting down alt="..." if the browser is IE.

if (JS.isIE()) {
        imgButton = new ImgButton() {
            public String getInnerHTML() {
                return super.getInnerHTML().replaceFirst("alt=\'[^\n]*?\'", "");
    } else {
        imgButton = new ImgButton();
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