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My app must report its job load via HTTP API. The "play status" command seems to give the info I need:

Jobs execution pool:
Pool size: 0
Active count: 0
Scheduled task count: 0
Queue size: 0

How to access this info in a Play Framework controller?

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Do you know what is the equivalent of "play status" in Play 2.x ? – invinc4u Jul 11 '14 at 13:26
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Have a look at, there's a static executor property, the getStatus() method shows where the values come from:

    out.println("Jobs execution pool:");
    out.println("Pool size: " + JobsPlugin.executor.getPoolSize());
    out.println("Active count: " + JobsPlugin.executor.getActiveCount());
    out.println("Scheduled task count: " + JobsPlugin.executor.getTaskCount());
    out.println("Queue size: " + JobsPlugin.executor.getQueue().size());
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