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In my application I need to know if the computer is the primary domain controller of a domain, so I need to know the domain of the computer to call NetGetDCName function.


EDIT: The problem is related with the DCOM authentication so I need to know the domain to use the DOMAIN\USERNAME in case of a PDC or COMPUTER\USERNAME if I need to use the local authentication database of the computer.

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C++ and WinAPI tags yet edited to make not-programming-related? – Robin Day May 18 '09 at 16:47
It does seem to be programming related, just a very simple question that might be mistaken for not programming related. – Stefan Thyberg May 18 '09 at 16:48
I need to get the the name using winapi, so is programming related. I think :s – Jesus Fernandez May 18 '09 at 16:49
Removed tag. I can't yet edit the question to flesh it out, and that's a little frustrating... – Michael Petrotta May 18 '09 at 16:49
Pragmatically is nice, but I'd prefer to do it programatically. :-) – Stefan Thyberg May 18 '09 at 16:56
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I would consider using NetWkstaGetInfo() and pass the local computer name is that first parameter.

#include <Lmwksta.h>
#include <StrSafe.h>

WCHAR domain_name[256];
WKSTA_INFO_100 info = {0};
if (NERR_Success == NetWkstaGetInfo(L"THIS-COMPUTER", 100, &info) && 
    SUCCEEDED(StringCchCopy(domain_name, ARRAYSIZE(domain_name), info.wki100_langroup))) {
    // use domain_name here...
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I'm going to try this. – Jesus Fernandez May 18 '09 at 17:00

The NetWkstaGetInfo() function returns either the domain name or the workgroup of the computer, and is therefore not a reliable way to determine if the computer is a member of a domain.

The GetComputerNameEx() function will help, used with the ComputerNameDnsDomain parameter, as shown below. This will return an empty string if the computer is in a workgroup, or the DNS name of the domain:

TCHAR domainNameBuf[ MAX_PATH ];

GetComputerNameEx( ComputerNameDnsDomain, domainNameBuf, &bufSize );
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You can use the NetWkstaGetInfo Function do this.

If you pass in null for the computer name it returns info about the local computer.

It will return a WKSTA_INFO_100 instance, which includes the domain name.

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If you just want to know if the machine the code is running is the primary domain controller I think your best option is NetServerGetInfo. If you pass 101 as the level parameter it returns an SERVER_INFO_101 structure. Then look for its sv101_type member:


The type of software the computer is running. This member can be one of the following values.


SV_TYPE_DOMAIN_CTRL: A primary domain controller.

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I need to know if the computer is PDC and the name of the domain. Thanks. – Jesus Fernandez May 18 '09 at 17:17

Finally I have used this code. It works in local machine, executed remotely nStatus gives a ACCESS_DENIED error.

TOleString oleServerName=strServerName.c_str();
DWORD dwLevel=101;
LPWKSTA_INFO_100 pBufWksta = NULL;

nStatus=NetServerGetInfo(oleServerName, dwLevel,
if(nStatus==NERR_Success &&
	(pBufServer->sv101_type & SV_TYPE_DOMAIN_CTRL))
	nStatus=NetWkstaGetInfo(oleServerName, 100,

		AnsiString strDomain(pBufWksta->wki100_langroup);


Thanks to all :)

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