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I have a function that is supposed to work the same when launched from some part of my program or from some other part, but it doesn't. Is there a method of debugging to see the difference in the execution? What I am doing right now is launch 2 instances of VS2008 and launch the debugger on 2 instances of my program, and execute each function from different method. I have the same breakpoints so I can compare "step by step" what is different but this is very long and tedious... Is there a better/automated way to do this? thanks (this is unmanaged C++)

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If you want to trace the execution of both programs from within the same debugger go to the "Debug" menu and select "attach to process" – Captain Obvlious Jan 9 '12 at 15:58

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The answer of this question should help you: How to debug in visual studio 2008 express c# this senario There is a C# tag, but the same thing can be done in C++. Only the algorithm is explained with no code. That's my personal favourite algorithm for debugging.

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