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How best to make the selected date of an ASP.NET Calendar control available to JavaScript?

Most controls are pretty simple, but the calendar requires more than just a simple document.getElementById().value.

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When you click on a date with the calendar, ASP does a postback, you could always put the SelectedDate value of the calendar control into a hidden field on the page during the OnLoad event of the page or the SelectionChanged event of the Calendar control.

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This might help you. It uses YUI, but you can probably port some of that functionality over to another library or custom code it. It should get you started though.


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You might find useful the MS AJAX Calendar control extender, you can get the date just by

document.getElementById('<%= DateTextBox.ClientID%>').value;

DateTextBox is an asp:TextBox control that will be extended with the AJAX calendar.

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I'm using Page.ClientScript.RegisterClientScriptBlock() to put a small script on the page that just declare a variable with the desired value. I was hoping for some a little less... clunky.

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