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How can we write a function which swap enum variables?

Also are these variables standard and working with them doesn't matter in a project? How do C++ complier use them and put them in the RAM?

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temp = e1; e1 = e2; e2 = temp; I think I need more details. –  kenny Jan 9 '12 at 11:04

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Use std::swap:

enum Foo {

Foo a = CAT;

std::swap(a, b);

std::cout << (a == ELEPHANT) << "\n";

enum is perfectly standard; they are equivalent to integer types.

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You don't need to write a swap function, std::swap works out of the box.

enum is standard C++. enum values are represented as an integer type in memory, by default as an int. You can change this representation (in C++11) with, e.g.

enum Foo : short { A, B, C };
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Exactly, just use std::swap(....).

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