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this is my first time trying to use github so please bear with me..

Currently, I am managing my project through tortoise SVN.

I have created a repository on github and tried to uploaded a readme file through instructions given on github help

Iam tryin to import existing svn project to github repository and its giving me errors. Since Iam new to github, I am unable to figure it out...

any idea????

erros while git svn clone to github repo

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Before debugging the certificate validation error, please note that the GitHub page mentions:

git-svn can be used to import as well. Note that there may be issues if you have branches or tags (they won’t be imported over). If you only have a trunk, like many svn repositories, this method should work for you without issue.

First, be sure to create your repository on GitHub

$ git svn clone -s SVN_REPO_URL LOCAL_DIR
$ git remote add origin git@github.com:GITHUB_USERNAME/REPO_NAME.git
$ git push origin master

So the git svn clone -s SVN_REPO_URL LOCAL_DIR command needs a SVN_REPO_URL (as in "SVN", not Git)

https://github.com/healthpark/Healthpark.ca.git is the name of a Git repo, not an SVN repo.

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