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i'm having a another problem. I have on one dataset column set expression so it calculates for me some stuff, but when i use my awesome SQLite update function it fails with message: "The column mapping from SourceColumn 'blablabla' failed because the DataColumn 'blablabla' is a computed column." In dataBase that field is set as NUMERIC, so it accepts any number, the expression i'm using for this field in dataset is this "Convert((inventkiekis - lik_pagr) * 1000, 'System.Int32')/1000".

What to do to be able update my table? that function works very nice until i have computed column.


PS: My Update Code:

public Int32 atnaujintiDB(DataSet dataSet, String lenta)
        int numRowsUpdated = 0;
        using (kaupykliuduomConn)
            if (kaupykliuduomConn.State != ConnectionState.Open)
            using (SQLiteTransaction transaction = kaupykliuduomConn.BeginTransaction())
                 using (SQLiteDataAdapter sqliteAdapter = new SQLiteDataAdapter("SELECT * FROM " + lenta, kaupykliuduomConn))
                    using (sqliteAdapter.InsertCommand = new SQLiteCommandBuilder(sqliteAdapter).GetInsertCommand())
                        numRowsUpdated = sqliteAdapter.Update(dataSet, lenta);


        return numRowsUpdated;
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What's the value of Expression property for the computed column? –  AksharRoop Jan 9 '12 at 11:15
Hmm did not get the point.. meaning of your question but in database that column is NUMERIC, i'm using this expression: Convert((inventkiekis - lik_pagr) * 1000, 'System.Int32')/1000 –  Tommix Jan 9 '12 at 11:20
value is in most times INTEGER but may be Decimal too. –  Tommix Jan 9 '12 at 11:25

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