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I'm working on a Ruby on Rails project and sometimes I need to run a script. Everyone else seems happy running their own server and scripts through the console. I on the other hand really want to write my code, press a button and have Aptana run my script. For one I hope this will enable breakpoints.

  1. How do I make sure it knows the database classes, currently I get TableName unknown name error. "require 'table.rb'" gets me a cannot load file error. Tried adding the file path with / and \, omitting the file extension, using ' or "

  2. What is the hotkey for running current file (whatever pressing the play button is)? Or how can this be configured?

  3. When I ask Aptana to run a file, I want to automatically save it, how can this be configured?

Edit: I have found the hotkey for running current file is Ctrl + F11, not only is this an uncomfortable combination, it's already in use by Kubuntu and breaks things :( Also recently Aptana started asking what kind of application I want to run the code as: 1. Ruby Application (always choose this one) 2. Ruby Application (? again...) 3. Test::Unit Test

Clearly I need to change the hotkey hand have it choose Ruby Application at default.

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I don't think you have to change the default hot keys.

  1. Answer to your Q1: You have to config your Aptana IDE to know your Rails project. please refer ror_master's link.

  2. Answer to your Q2: alt + shift + x , then press 1 of the listed options ( t, x, etc)

  3. Answer to your Q3: Your demand is not a good practice, I think. Make sure that you have to MANUALLY save all the files before you do any operations like running a unit test. Please make it as a habit.

Further more, it seems that you are using linux OS like ubuntu? If so, please forget Aptana or other IDEs, VIM + console will satisfy you, and by using these basic tools, you will be more clear of what you are running and the necessary environment knowledge of deploying & running Rails application.

I have 3.5 years of Eclipse and 1 year of Aptana experience, and yes, they are both great IDEs (almost the same), however, about 1 year ago I turn to VIM, which saved my life.

UPDATED: thanks for the so much bonus scores! Here are more tips for you:

  1. whatever you are using ( Aptana, Eclipse, Netbeans, VIM) , do remember that the HOTKEY is important.

    in Apatana/Eclipse, you should know these keys:

    1. quick open file: ctrl + shift + r
    2. quick open in recent file: ctrl + e
    3. method outline: ctrl + o
    4. switch : ctrl + F6 , ctrl + F7
    5. inspect a method from the statement where it was called: (move the cursor to it then press) F3, or press ctrl key then left click your mouse.
    6. in Apatana for Rails:
      1. ctrl + shift + c : quick jump to controller
      2. ctrl + shift + v : quick jump to view
      3. ctrl + shift + m : quick jump to model
  2. VIM has a steep learning curve for us, in my experience, the first 2 weeks is the hardest time. Remember google is your best teacher. and here are the VIM plugins that I am using:

    1. autocomplpop
    2. fuzzy_file_finder
    3. greplace
    4. mru
    5. nerdcommenter
    6. project
    7. rails
  3. this article is worth reading: Using VIM as a complete ruby on rails IDE

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To change hotkey:

  1. Go to window menu (Press alt key if it isn't there)
  2. Select preferences
  3. Select General tab
  4. Under General select keys
  5. There you'll be able to change keys
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Just edit the Run Configurator for Firefox, and in the Browser executable area copy the filepath of Chrome, and it runs fine.

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