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How do you declare variable and set a value which is a return from a query on them later.

Sample Stored Procedure:


CREATE PROCEDURE `sampledb`.`SetVariableEx`()


        -- declare variable
        DECLARE xVarA INT;                
        DECLARE xVarB INT;      

        -- in this line, i would like to set a value on xVarA which is a COUNT
        -- of record from table SINGLETABLE
        -- i am getting error on this line.
        SELECT xVarA := COUNT(*) FROM SingleTable;

        -- the value of xVarA is added by 1 and set it to xVarB
        SET xVarB = xVarA + 1;

        -- insert the value of xVarB to the table SINGLETABLE
        INSERT INTO SingleTable(SingleColumn) VALUES (xVarB);

        -- lastly, display all records.
        SELECT * FROM SingleTable;



how would i do that?

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Try the following:

SET xVarA := (SELECT COUNT(*) FROM SingleTable);

However, for this example, have you considered using an auto auto-incrementing value, rather than managing the value yourself?

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AutoIncrement is not my point in the qestion but rather setting the value from the query to a variable. SET xVarA := SELECT COUNT() FROM SingleTable; does not work but by putting the query inside a Parenthesis works. SET xVarA := (SELECT COUNT() FROM SingleTable); thanks! – John Woo Jan 9 '12 at 13:53
@491243 Somehow missed this previously, rather belatedly got round to updating my answer. Thanks. – Rich O'Kelly Sep 20 '13 at 17:19

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