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I would like to create a web page which is a main page that has one iframe whose content does not come from the same host as the main page but I would like to know which page the user is currently browsing in the iframe.

For example, I have a main page with a button bound with an Javascript event and an iframe that load content from a site like google.

A user can navigate the content in iframe as he wants but when the button in the main page is clicked, the current url in the iframe must be popped up.

I already tried it but since the same origin policy always applies, an error like this Permission denied to access property 'location' occurs. I do know that it makes sense according to SOP but I really need to do it. I would like to know if there is some hack that can do the trick or I have to admit the restriction and design my app the other way.

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If there was such a trick, it would make browser security invalid and expose privacy issues. These things are there for a reason.

You can disable this for YOURSELF, but bypassing it for others is evil.


Chrome: Disable same origin policy

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