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Can I add ListViewGroup in WPF? Or a equivalent to that?

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Grouping can be used in WPF, for example:

<GroupBox Header="Example">
       <CollectionViewSource x:Key="GroupedSource" Source="{Binding Items}">
               <PropertyGroupDescription PropertyName="PropertyToGroupOn" />

    <ListBox ItemsSource="{StaticResource GroupedItemsSource}" />

This will show a ListBox with its items grouped based on the property PropertyToGroupOn.

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You can host WinForms control inside WPF controls using the WindowsFormsHost control. Alternately, a quick Google search revealed a CodeProject sample that may do what you want in WPF.

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Grouping in WPF is usually done using collection views (example), how those groups are represented in an items control dependes on the GroupStyle which can be adjusted to look like what you want.

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