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I have an element on the my usercontrol

<myControls:MonitorWindow x:Name="WindowFrame" MinHeight="400" />

and I need to change its subproperty


Is it possible bind property from ViewModel to that property?

One way is ElementBinding with TwoWay Mode to fake field, but it isn't very nice.

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do you want the Visibility property to be the source of the binding? Usually, it's the other way around. You bind the visibility to a property on the ViewModel like: <Button x:Name="CloseButton" Visibility="{Binding MyViewModel.IsCloseButtonVisible, Converter={StaticResource BooleanToVisibilityConverter}}" /> –  Eren Ersönmez Jan 9 '12 at 12:26
thanks, it helped me too :) –  user278618 Jan 11 '12 at 15:32

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You should Make a Dependency Property of the Type Visibility so that its can be binded to your control and can be set from outside the control.

For Ex Let the Dependency Property is named as CloseButtonVisibility is present in codebehaind of your user Control (use propdp then press TAB or double TAB as snippet shortcut to create one)

IN Your Control

<UserControl Name="Control">
    <Button Visibility="{Binding Path=CloseButtonVisibility,ElementName=Control,Mode=TwoWay}"></Button>

While using your Control

<myControls:MonitorWindow x:Name="WindowFrame" MinHeight="400" CloseButtonVisibility="Hidden" />

This might help... :)

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You should do two things:

First you should expose the CloseButtonVisibility as a property.

The second thing is, in order to bind value to this property you should define this property as Dependcy property, see the following link for explanation on how to define dependency property: UNDERSTANDING: DEPENDENCY PROPERTIES IN SILVERLIGHT

Good Luck, Lior

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