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I am trying to export the working copy of an SVN project to some other folder. When I do svn export I get :

'D:\project\trunk\subfolder' is not a working copy. 

I read that this might happen when subfolder does not have a .svn directory (so it is not being tracked by SVN). However in this case the subfolder directory does not exist. I imagine it is being tracked in some SVN metadata where I must remove the reference, but do not know where to look for it.

Anyone knows how to fix this so that I can do the clean svn export?

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For future reference: I found the solution to this problem the following way:

  1. Run a grep -R subfolder * in the project folder
  2. This showed me one .svn/entries file were the aforementioned folder 'subfolder' was present in the form:




I removed the references to such folder in the file and then could to a clean svn export without problems.

Before that I tried doing an svn update but that did not change anything. I think the problem was that the folder was added to the project and then deleted without telling svn.

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