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Eclipse will happily let me launch my application in the debugger multiple times, so I have several instances of the app running at once - great for networked apps.

BUT, I can't see how to toggle between the instances... I got a situation where one instance was paused and another took over for a breakpoint, and I couldn't get back to resume the first one.

Also they seem to share the same console for output... is that something I can adjust?

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No all instance will have their own console for output. And to switch between different debug instances use Debug view. There you will see list of debug instances and whichever you click will get enabled at that time.

enter image description here

As in above image there are 2 debug instance of Demo class. But the 1st is currently active.

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D'oh, so obvious! Thanks for the quick answer. –  Mr. Boy Jan 9 '12 at 12:36

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