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On my website, I previously had a fully functional piece of code, which searched the DB to see what users' mother tongue was, pulled back the value as the selected option on a drop down list, and then listed the rest of the available languages. So far so good, this still works.

However, now, when I submit a value, a blank seems to get passed, and it overwrites in the DB as a blank - not good.

Here is the form code and the php file being called to handle it. (Incidentally, all other fields, textareas etc are having their values passed correctly, just not the drop downs, thanks).

<tr><td align='right'>Mother Tongue:</td>
<td><select name="MotherTongue">
while($row = mysql_fetch_array($mothertonguesql)) {

if ($row['Language'] == $mothertongue){
<option selected value="<?=$row['Language']?>"><?=$row['Language']?></option>
else {
<option value="<?=$row['Language']?>"><?=$row['Language']?></option>

and the php file excerpts:

 $MotherTongue = mysql_real_escape_string($MotherTongue);


$sql="UPDATE Teacher SET Password='$Password', FirstName='$FirstName', Surname='$Surname', Address1 = '$Address1', Address2='$Address2', PLZ='$PLZ', City='$City', Country='$Country', TelNo='$TelNo', EmailAddress='$EmailAddress', MotherTongue='$MotherTongue', CanTeachLang1='$CanTeachLang1', CanTeachLang2='$CanTeachLang2', CanTeachLang3='$CanTeachLang3', CanTeachLang4='$CanTeachLang4', CanTeachLang5='$CanTeachLang5', Profile='$Profile', HourlyRate='$HourlyRate', TeachingAddress='$TeachingAddress', WillTravelToStudent='$WillTravelToStudent', idMailFrequency = '$idMailFrequency' WHERE Username = '$Username'";

if (!mysql_query($sql, $link))
  die('Error:' . mysql_error());

I think we can assume the SQL is correct, as all the options are being populated correctly, and the DB is correctly updating for every other value.

Many thanks, Brett

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If you view the source of the generated page, does the selectbox contain the expected values? Otherwise I would look into your SQL-statement that retrieves the selectbox values. –  Franz Jan 9 '12 at 12:43
Hi Franz, the output looks as i'd expect, see below... –  Brett Stirling Jan 9 '12 at 12:48
<tr><td align='right'>Mother Tongue:</td><br/> <td><select name="MotherTongue"> <option selected value=""></option> <option value="Afrikaans">Afrikaans</option> <option value="Albanian">Albanian</option> <option value="Urdu">Urdu</option> <option value="Welsh">Welsh</option> </select> </td> </tr> –  Brett Stirling Jan 9 '12 at 12:48
Sorry, can't seem to format that as code –  Brett Stirling Jan 9 '12 at 12:50
If you print out all the post parameters retrieved in your script, before anything else, is the MotherTongue set correctly there? –  Franz Jan 9 '12 at 12:52
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