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Im trying to create empty folder in application folder. I created a folder in Setup project, but when im installing, the folder is not being created. I assume its because its empty. Is there a way to create it still/

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Visual Studio setup project will not allow you to create empty folder. Instead of visual studio you can try to create setup project using WIX. Its free and more scalable compared to Visual studio setup project.

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Right click on the folder, select properties window, set AlwaysCreate property true. that's it. No need to create set up file with any other s/w. Visual Studio is Microsoft product.

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My workaround was to create an (empty) textfile in the folder. It's not nice, but it works. I am thankful for any hints to find a better solution.

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I resolved that by checking option Always Create. It has to be true and then you don't need the file. –  eddyuk Feb 4 '12 at 19:47

You need to set the AlwaysCreate Property of the folder to true.

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