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I have this type of exercise in jquery. Go here

For Item 1, if I add #no of quantity of Size 7, it should be multiplied by Item 1's Price displayed in text box and the result should be shown in Item 1's Ext textbox. then if I do same for size 8.5 of Item 1, it should perform the same.

But the Ext will have (Price x Size 7 Qty) + (Price x Size 8.5 Qty)

Same will happen for Item 2. And along with this, Total quantity and Total price will be updated on keypress event of each textbox.

I'm a beginner in jquery and got this killing exercise. Please help someone.

Thanks in advance.

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I'd suggest that you assign some classes to your fields so that jQuery can easily find them:

"lineQty"   - add this class to all the qty fields
"lineTotal" - add this class to all the line total fields
"linePrice" - I think you can see where I'm going with this
"lineExt"   - add to all ext fields

Then the following .keyup function will do the updates on all lines automatically.

$(document).ready(function() {

    $(".lineQty").keyup(function() {
       // 'this' is the field the user is typing in
       // so find the tr that it belongs to
       var $row = $(this).closest("tr"),
           total = 0,
           // get the price for the current row:
           price = $row.find(".linePrice").val();

        // loop through every qty field for the current row and add
        // the entered value to the total, using unary plus to convert
        // to a number, and a default of 0 if non-numeric data is entered
        $row.find(".lineQty").each(function() {
            total += +this.value || 0;

        // set the total for the current row

        // set the price for the current row
        $row.find(".lineExt").val(total * price);

        // now add up the grand totals
        var grandTotal = 0,
            grandPrice = 0;
         $(".lineTotal").each(function() {
           grandTotal += +this.value || 0;
        $(".lineExt").each(function() {
            grandPrice += +this.value || 0;


Working demo: (only works on the first line because I couldn't be bothered assigning classes to all your fields - you would need to add the classes I talk about above to every field as per what I did for the first line).

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Hey nnnnnn, Thanks. I have little modified this to make my module working. – gautamlakum Jan 10 '12 at 7:09

Okay, you want to learn something, so I will describe a possible way, and don't give you the finished solution.

First of all, you should mark the tables which contains items with class="item". Now you can write a selector in jQuery which gets every item separately. Then you should mark all cells (<td>) which have a special function. Total, Price, Disc and Ext. Your table should look like this:

<table class="item">

    <td class="total">...</td>
    <td class="price">...</td>
    <td class="disc">...</td>
    <td class="ext">...</td>

Now you can write a selector for all input fields inside of the table with class "item".

$('.item input').change(function(){});

Inside of this function you can handle the calculation. At first I would recommend to get the item:

$('.item input').change(function(){
   var item = $(this).closest('table.item');
   var totalInput = $(item).find('.total input');
   var priceInput = $(item).price('.price input');
   // ...

   var allWriteableInputs = $(item).find('input[readonly!="readonly"]');

   // do the calculation
   var sum = 0;
   $(allWriteableInputs).each(function(i, input){
       sum += $(input).val();

If you go this way, you don't need:

  1. The onkeypress="return isNumberKey(event);" and
  2. the id="product1Total" for every inputbox

I hope this thought-provoking impulse helps you a little bit. You have still a long way to go, my young padawan ;-)

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