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I have being using Devise, and relying on last_sign_in_at of the user model to work out if my customers have not returned within X days. However, I recently discovered that last_sign_in_at is only updated when an actual form log in event occurs, as opposed to when a user is logged in automatically due to the inclusion of rememberable.

If want to ensure that last_sign_in_at is updated each time a user logs in (a new browser session), regardless of whether they used a form to log in or were automatically logged in by the rememberable cookie, how would I go about doing this in a Devise-compatible way?

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The trackable hook is from Warden's after_set_user hook -- what you could do to easily remedy this is set a before_filter to call sign_in.

This could be optimized, but test to see if using

before_filter proc{ sign_in(current_user, :force => true) }

updates the last_signed_in_at timestamp.

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when does the before_filter get called? I am hoping not on each request, and only on before authentication for the first time that session? Also, stupid question, but where do I add before_filter? I tried adding it to the Devise user model and I got undefined method before_filter. –  Matthew O'Riordan Jan 9 '12 at 23:49
That would be run on each request -- it was just a quick/dirty debug step to see if that would solve it before implementing a better solution. You should be able to add it to any controller, ApplicationController if you want it global. –  RobH Jan 10 '12 at 0:23
Hi Rob, this is what I went for in the end which a) checks that a user is logged in before forcing a sign_in, and b) ensures that the sign_in (forced) method is only executed once per session. (excuse the ; instead of line breaks, comments don't allow line breaks) before_filter proc { if user_signed_in? && session[:logged_signin]; sign_in(current_user, :force => true); session[:logged_signin] = true; end } –  Matthew O'Riordan Jan 10 '12 at 8:34

Taking Matthew's solution, I think the code should be the following (note the not-operator before the session[:logged_signin]):

before_filter :update_last_sign_in_at


def update_last_sign_in_at
  if user_signed_in? && !session[:logged_signin]
    sign_in(current_user, :force => true)
    session[:logged_signin] = true
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Is this the best solution yet? –  Rafael Oliveira Sep 3 '14 at 14:25
Got it. You're using a custom cookie parameter to check whether this is a new or existing session. Thanks for the tip, this feels like a much cleaner approach in my case as it means I don't have to dig into Devise's internals. –  Topher Hunt Feb 11 at 16:48

AFAIK you can also use update_tracked_fields! on that current_user model.

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