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I have searched through the web, but still not be able to get a solid answer. My goal is to make use of rdf data from dmoz, so here are 2 questions:

  1. how to import the rdf into mysql? (any solid tool could be used?)

  2. how to make the data queryable through SPARQL? (what component or query engine I should use)

from what I have learned I need to build the storage based on Redland RDF libraries, and then I can query it with SPARQL. But further reading into redland, they don't have a good document of php. Those missing gap make me confused as I am pretty new to the rdf technology.

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If you want to use PHP then you should give ARC 2 a look, it's the most popular RDF/SPARQL library for PHP and it has a MySQL based backend you can use for persistent storage and to make SPARQL queries against.

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