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Refer to

Is it possible to compress/resize the Blob image before rendering it on screen?

public static void getPicture(long id) {
   Picture picture = Picture.findById(id);
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You can use Image class in the play.libs package, which has a static method called resize.

The signature is

resize( originalImage, to, int w, int h) 

You obviously need to go through extra steps to save the image to a File, to then perform the conversion, but if this is too much, you may be able to take a copy of the code and make it work with a Blob instead.

Alternatively, if there is any other third party library that works with the Blob type, then this could easily be integrated.

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Note that when using this method, you may loose rotation information (see… for more on that). – Samuel Aug 9 '12 at 11:29

If you are handling JPEG or other compressed images, you won't save much disk/bandwidth compressing the image. For the most cases you will probably just get some bytes less which are not worth the compression cost.

For resize JMagick (which is a interface for ImageMagick) is a good option. There is a small tutorial about how to resize images using JMagick.

Hope that helps

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