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While delivering to integration stream , Clearcase UCM is trying to merge pdf files and fails.

As PDF files no need to be merged, how to solve this?

Is it a defect in Clearcase UCM? any work around is there or some policy settings needs to be set to solve this?

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If you don't want to merge a specific type of file, you can change its type to a "copy merge" policy (ClearCase will copy the source over the destination)

cleartool find . -name '*.jar' -exec 'cleartool chtype "COPY_MERGE" $CLEARCASE_XPN'

This is an improvement from the NEVER_MERGE presented in this IBM article, and is available in ClearCase 7.x.

You can create a custom "FILE_COPY_MERGE" type as described here:

cleartool mkeltype -supertype compressed_file -mergetype copy -nc FILE_COPY_MERGE
cleartool chtype FILE_COPY_MERGE 'element'

A more complete example is detailed in this technote "Handling binary files in ClearCase":

copy merge

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Other alternatives options (merge -ndata) in ibm.com/developerworks/forums/… –  VonC Jan 9 '12 at 14:13
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