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How can i replace this string of characters in javascript? I need all occurences for this string inside a text.

String to be replaced: ^;)'(;

str.replace(/^;)'(;/g, "lsakdsalk"); does not work
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Some characters have a special meaning. For instance ^ is the begining of the string.

Try to escape them:

str.replace(/\^;\)\'\(/g, "lsakdsalk");
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you should escape them with a backslash, example:

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Some of the characters in your string have special meaning within regex expressions and need to be escaped with a backslash so that they'll be treated as ordinary characters. For example, ^ usually matches the beginning of the string, but \^ matches an actual "^" character. So:

str.replace(/\^;\)'\(;/g, "lsakdsalk");

Semicolons and apostrophes have no special regex meaning so they can stay as is. Parentheses do have special meaning so I've escaped them.

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You need to escape the ^ ) and ( characters in your regex:

var str = "^;)'(;";
str.replace(/\^;\)'\(;/g, "lsakdsalk");      // str = "lsakdsalk"
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To replace the string use /\^;\)'\(;/g To replace any of this characte /[\^;\)'\(]+/g

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