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I'm using ARM's tool DS-5(to debug android NDK apps), follow this doc:

Get a error says:

An error was encountered when searching for Android devices: Error in get_devices: 'adb' ²»ÊÇÄÚ²¿»òÍⲿÃüÁҲ²»ÊÇ¿ÉÔËÐеijÌÐò »òÅú´¦ÀíÎļþ¡£

Any one use DS-5,any suggestions?

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What kind of a device you are trying to debug on?

Can you list devices on console?

$ adb devices

Also seems to be a path problem i think I remember hitting a similar one and if you are a windows user adb.exe should be on your path as well.

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Not sure what the cause is, but if I had to guess, it something todo with the language your running DS-5/adb in. I suspect it's not coping with the encoding of coming back from adb. What language is it running in? Any chance you could switch to English?

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