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I'm using ant condition task to check a file existence and directory existence and below is my code

<project name="makeitmutable" basedir="." default="main">
  <target name="main">
     <condition property="folderexists?" value="Yeah" else="Nope">
          <available file="folderexistance" type="dir"/>
          <available file="" type="file"/>
     <echo>before deleting "folderexistance" folder  property folderexists?=${folderexists?}</echo>
     <delete dir="folderexistance"/>
     <!--after delete-->
      <condition property="folderexists?" value="Yeah" else="Nope">
          <available file="folderexistance" type="dir"/>
          <available file="" type="file"/>
     <!--how to make below line to print Nope ?-->
   <echo>After deleting "folderexistance" folder  property folderexists?=${folderexists?}</echo>

My output value of the property folderexists? remains same even after deleting the directory,i.e.., Nope two times

I knew that ant properties are immutable once set cannot be changed,and also an alternative to this solution is we can use


task and call the main target.

Is there a way to make the property mutable within that target as in the above scenario,I'm looking for other possibilities to resolve this,what's the better programming practice for this type of problem

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As you said, properties are immutable. The only other option is to use the var task from ant-contrib.

Quote from the docs: In general, use of this task is DISCOURAGED, and the standard Ant Property should be used if possible. Having said that, in real life I use this a lot.

which says a lot, too ;-)

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