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How to get the delegate list form event of the control in WPF.

I have tried the following code but it will return the field info as null

TextBox cont = new TextBox();
cont.TextChanged += new TextChangedEventHandler(cont_TextChanged);
FieldInfo fi = cont.GetType().GetField("TextChanged", BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Instance | BindingFlags.GetField | BindingFlags.Public | BindingFlags.Static);
Delegate del = (Delegate)fi.GetValue(cont);
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I dont know why the people say it's not possible:

Lets say you want to disable any event temporary, you can create a method like this:

static Delegate[] DisableEvents(this Control ctrl, string eventName)
        PropertyInfo propertyInfo = ctrl.GetType().GetProperty("Events", BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Static | BindingFlags.Instance);
        EventHandlerList eventHandlerList = propertyInfo.GetValue(ctrl, new object[] { }) as EventHandlerList;
        FieldInfo fieldInfo = typeof(Control).GetField("Event"+eventName, BindingFlags.NonPublic | BindingFlags.Static);

        object eventKey = fieldInfo.GetValue(ctrl);
        var eventHandler = eventHandlerList[eventKey] as Delegate;
        Delegate[] invocationList = eventHandler.GetInvocationList();
        foreach (EventHandler item in invocationList)
            ctrl.GetType().GetEvent(eventName).RemoveEventHandler(ctrl, item);
        return invocationList;


You can call it like this:

var events = textbox1.DisableEvents("GotFocus")

If you want to add them again you just need to go through the events list.

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What do you mean in that final sentence, "just go through the events list"? – Roy Dictus Jan 21 '15 at 8:24
I meant that you can iterate the the list that you got in the DisableEvents method and Add those events again. But actually now there is an easiest way to do that and is by calling GetInvocationList to retrieve all the delegates. – Kenneth J. Sanchez Venegas Mar 12 '15 at 15:13

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