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I have an Ext.navigation.View in which I have pushed a few views. Certain user interactions require that I go directly back to the top level of the navigation view -- the equivalent of popToRootViewControllerAnimated: on a UINavigationController in iOS.

I have tried various things like:

while(navigationView.getItems().getCount() > 1)



Neither work. The first example seems to put me into an infinite loop which isn't too surprising. The second example only seems to pop one view off.

So the question: What is the proper way to pop to the root view in an Ext.navigation.View in Sencha Touch (version 2 developer preview)?

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There has been a number of interim methods for achieving this.

The one I was using was to pop a number higher than the number of levels you would ever have e.g.


and that worked fine, but I was never happy with that, but I see they have now introduced a reset method. Which you can call thus...


Internally within the Sencha source code (see below) you can see that it does a similar job to what @Mithralas said, but just easier to write.

// From the Sencha source code
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popToRoot: function() {
     this.pop(this.getItems().length - 1);
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At the time I wrote my question this code wouldn't have worked in the latest developer preview. Since this is now the proper way to do it, I am changing my accepted answer to this. –  mwu May 10 '12 at 17:23
The proper way to do it is as of 2.0 is navigationView.reset() –  Trevor de Koekkoek Jun 26 '12 at 15:54

Ensure to use the NavigationView.reset() method. To make it clear, if your main navigation view is Main, you'd do something like this in the controller:


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The solution turned out to be extending the navigation view with the following:

popToRoot: function(destroy)
    var navBar = this.getNavigationBar(),
    stackLn = this.stack.length,

    //just return if we're at root
    if(stackLn <= 1) return;
    //just return if we're already animating
    if(navBar && navBar.animating) return;

    //splice the stack to get rid of items between top and root
    stackRm = this.stack.splice(1, stackLn-2);
    //remove views that were removed from the stack if required
    if(destroy) {
        stackRm.forEach(function(val, idx, arr) {
            this.remove(val, true);
    //clear out back button stack
    navBar.backButtonStack = [];
    //now we can do a normal pop
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I posted the question on Sencha's forums which got me the answer that there is a way to set the active item to root, but it would not modify the view stack. It was at this point I decided to add my own routine to do it. I posted my solution on the Sencha forums as well and hopefully they will add this functionality into Sencha Touch 2.0 –  mwu Jan 11 '12 at 16:19
As of Sencha Touch 2 you can just say this.pop(this.getItems().length); –  tinytiger Mar 28 '12 at 10:41
True. They added that after I posted my solution to them and asked for similar functionality to be included by default. –  mwu May 10 '12 at 17:19
I don't know the policy but maybe you should add this to beginning of the answer. We wouldn't want anyone to use this piece of code for current version right? –  EralpB Feb 24 '14 at 12:37
I have updated the accepted answer to be the one which references what I understand is the correct way to do it. –  mwu Feb 24 '14 at 22:02

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