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I'm using Python implementation of Markdown with codehilite and lineos option. It produces a code like this:

<table class="codehilitetable">
        <td class="linenos">
            <div class="linenodiv">
        <td class="code"><div class="codehilite"><pre>
            <span class="k">def</span>
            <span class="nf">func</span>
            <span class="p">(</span>
            <span class="n">n</span>
            <span class="p">):</span>
            <span class="k">return</span>
            <span class="n">n</span> 
            <span class="o">**</span>
            <span class="mi">2</span>
            <span class="o">+</span>
            <span class="mi">3</span>
            <span class="o">*</span>
            <span class="n">n</span>
            <span class="o">+</span>
            <span class="mi">1</span>

This is a table with one row and two cells; first cell is for line numbers and second is cell is for actual code. The contents of each cell are inside a div and pre element and span elements are used for syntax coloring.

I would like to display a horizontal scrollbar in case a line of code is too long, but I'm having problems, because it's a table.

Ideally I'd want the scrollbar just on the code cell (td.code), but this only works if set width of the table to 100%, which makes both cells long 50%. I want the line-number cell (td.linenos) to be just as long as it's required for the actual line-numbers to be shown.

Here's my current CSS:

pre, code { overflow:auto; }

table.codehilitetable { table-layout: fixed; white-space: nowrap; width:100%; }

If this is not possible, then I'd like to have a scrollbar on the whole row (tr). But the above code doesn't work on table rows.

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          height: auto;
          overflow: auto;

That will make the div inside the code table cell have a horizontal scrollbar if needed.

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I think that's closer than I've gotten, but now td.code cell is as long as a too-long line unless I set width of the table to 100%, which again messes up the cells. And scrollbar is shown only if I set width of .codehilite to something less than 100%. –  usr Jan 9 '12 at 15:50
Ah, I see what you mean. Is there a reason you can't set a specific width on the table? –  daveyfaherty Jan 10 '12 at 12:11

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