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I have a variable named position where I want to remove some of its text. The exact text I want to remove is contained within the variable title.

var title = $(currentLi).find('img').attr('alt');

var position = $(currentLi).find('span').text();

So just to clarify, I am creating a variable named position which contained text, I want to remove all the text that matches the text within the variable title.

Thanks for anyones help.

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position = position.replace(title, "");


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+1 perfect answer. Thanks Karim79! –  Cecil Theodore Jan 9 '12 at 15:58

Try the following:

var title = $(currentLi).find('img').attr('alt');
var span = $(currentLi).find('span');
var replaced = span.text().replace(title, '');
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I have made a jsfiddle for you that does the work. Try to use .replace();


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Just use javascript replace. Just add this after your existing code and believe it should return what is in the position variable minus what you have in title.

position = position.replace(title, "");
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