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This is a past exam question focusing on arrays and here is the question:

Define a class called Laboratory that contains an array of Computers. The size of the array should be specified in the constructor to the Laboratory class. Your class should contain methods for adding a Computer to the array. (early part I had to define a computer class with a couple of attributes with a constructor)

So I know how to do the first two parts, the class and size specified in the constructor. How would I do the third part (about the methods)?

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Assuming you've already written the constructor that creates the array:

class Laboratory {

    private Computer[] computers;
    private int nextIndex = 0;

    public void addComputer(Computer comp) {
        // throws an ArrayOutOfBoundsException if the user
        // tries to add too many Computers. You might want to
        // do something else by checking that nextIndex < computers.length
        computers[nextIndex] = comp;
        nextIndex += 1;

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You could have an instance variable with the current count of Computers in the array, then use this to add the computer

private int computerCount = 0;

public void addComputer(Computer comp)
    arrayName[computerCount] = comp;
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You forgot to increment the count. –  Bhesh Gurung Jan 9 '12 at 16:02
And to check for ArrayOutOfBoundsException –  Jonathan Jan 9 '12 at 16:02
Currently, this would overwrite the first item of the array each time. You need to maintain an index pointer. –  brainzzy Jan 9 '12 at 16:03
thanks was just a quick idea thrown together –  Sleepy Rhino Jan 9 '12 at 16:11

Notice that your class is passed the size of the array in its constructor, (call it C for capacity,) but not the actual contents of the array. Which means that even though your laboratory class will contain an array of C elements, it will initially contain zero computers. So, besides the array of capacity C, your laboratory class will also need to contain an int member N which will stand for the number of computers actually in the array.

Since your professor speaks of methods in plural, I presume he expects an appendComputer method which adds a computer at the end of the array, and an insertComputer method which inserts a computer at a specific index within the array.

The appendComputer method can be implemented by simply storing the computer at index N of the array and incrementing N by one.

The insertComputer method (with index I) can be implemented by first moving up by one position the computers from index I until the end of the array, and then storing the new computer at index I. And, of course, again, incrementing N by one.

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