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I would like to write a query in Doctrine Mongo ODM that searches by regex in two or more fields. In SQL it would look like:

SELECT * FROM user WHERE name LIKE %search% OR surname LIKE %search%;

I can write a query for one field like this:

$qb->field('surname')->equals(new \MongoRegex('/.*'.$this->search.'.*/i'));

but I'm at a loss when i try to search in more fields.

Thanks for any help

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You need to use the $or operator. I'm not sure how this is done in doctrine but you are looking for the equivalent of this in the shell:

db.people.find({ $or: [{surname: /^regex1/}, {surname: /^regex2/}] })
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Also, be aware that indexes will only be used for rooted case sensitive regular expressions. – Tyler Brock Jan 9 '12 at 19:27
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well actually it is quite simple, i found out 5 mins after posting this question

$qb->addOr($qb->expr()->field('surname')->equals(new \MongoRegex('/.*'.$this->search.'.*/i')));
$qb->addOr($qb->expr()->field('name')->equals(new \MongoRegex('/.*'.$this->search.'.*/i')));
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