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I am currently developing an application for a windows ce 6.0 device with Visual Studio 2008 and the Compact Framework 3.5.

The device itself has a resolution of 800x480 pixels.

Currently I am developing the app on the device itself which works great. However on the long run I can't ensure I have always access to the hardware (like today, I am working from home office) and I want to be able to use the device emulator.

I am usin a "Windows Mobile 5.0 R2" image which ships with the Microsoft Device emulator. Most of my forms are independent from the resolution and work out of the box on the 240x320px screen of the emulator.

However, there is one form that has a fixed resolution of 800x480 but I can't figure out how to modify or create an emulator (windows mobile or windows ce, it doesn't matter) with a predefined resolution.

Any help would be appreciated

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Open up Visual Studio, ensure the emulator is not running and then follow this "path"

  • Menu Tools->Options
  • Open Options Tree to DeviceTools -> Devices
  • Select your Emulator Device from the Devices list
  • Click 'Save As' and give it a name (e.g. NewRes)
  • Select your newly created device in the list
  • Click 'Properties'
  • Click 'Emulator Options'
  • Select the 'Display' tab
  • Change the Video settings to your desired resolution
  • Click 'OK' 3 times
  • Change your target device in your project to the new device
  • Deploy
  • Enjoy
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