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I always find myself writing code like this:

my $var = $result[0];
my $var_changed = $var;
$var_changed =~ s/somepattern/somechange/g;

What would be a better way to do this? And by 'better' I mean: less typing while remaining understandable.


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This would do the same thing as the second and third lines;

(my $var_changed = $var) =~ s/somepattern/somechange/g;

How legible it is is your call.

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Legibility aside, it's very idiomatic and something you're likely to see in code written by experienced Perl developers. –  Michael Carman May 18 '09 at 19:33

Or even

(my $var_changed = my $var = $result[0]) =~ s/somepattern/somechange/g;

But that starts to bring into question why you need $var in the first place.

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