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I want to connect a QSlider to a QDoubleSpinBox but while the code compiles fine and runs for simple QSpinBox, it doesn't work for QDoubleSpinBox

QSlider *horizontalSlider1 = new QSlider();
QDoubleSpinBox *spinBox1 = new QDoubleSpinBox();

connect(spinBox1, SIGNAL(valueChanged(double)),horizontalSlider1,SLOT(setValue(double)) );
connect(horizontalSlider1,SIGNAL(valueChanged(double)),spinBox1,SLOT(setValue(double)) );
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QSlider and QDoubleSpinBox take different types of arguments in valueChanged/setValue (QSlider uses ints and QDoubleSpinBox uses doubles, of course). Changing the argument type for the slider's signal and slot might help:

connect(spinBox1, SIGNAL(valueChanged(double)),horizontalSlider1,SLOT(setValue(int)) );
connect(horizontalSlider1,SIGNAL(valueChanged(int)),spinBox1,SLOT(setValue(double)) );

I'm not sure if Qt can automatically handle this type conversion for you; if not, you'll have to define your own slots to call setValue() on the correct object

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It doesn't, there can't be sensible conversions that make sense both ways (slider->spin box, spin box->slider). It will need custom slots to the correct mapping of values. –  Frank Osterfeld Jan 9 '12 at 17:33

You'll have to add your own slot which converts the argument type and emits a signal or updates the slider directly.

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Thanks, I will try, but it seems strange that nobody has done it yet...I think is a very common thing... –  linello Jan 10 '12 at 9:34

As Dave Kilian answered, the signals and slots for QSlider don't use double. Also, Qt 4 does not automatically convert the types; it will not allow you to connect them. So, you will have to write your own conversion slot which updates the value of the other item.

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There is some example code on how to create your own slots and emit signals in this very similar question:

use a created vector as range for QDoubleSpinBox and QSlider

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