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I previously had ruby 1.8.7 on rails installed. I then downloaded ruby 1.9.2 and tried to get this running on rails also.

I extracted the 1.9.2 folder and navigated to it via ruby command prompt and entered:

   ruby setup.rb

I then updated the gems to the latest version using the line:

gem update --system 1.8.15

Now when I try to run the next line from the tutorial I am following an error occurs. The line of code is:

gem install rails --version 3.0.11

I receive the following error when running from prompt at location (C:\Ruby192\bin) or from (.\Desktop\rubygems-1.8.15):

ERROR: While executing gem ... (ArgumentError)
    marshall datatoo short

Anyone got any ideas of why this is happening or how I can go about setting up my 1.9.2 an alternative way so that it is mounted on rails?

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You really should look into using rvm. http://beginrescueend.com/rvm/install/

It allows you to install rubies per project.


It looks like you may be using Windows. Give pik a try. https://github.com/vertiginous/pik/

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I have installed pik but am unsure now as to how to use it –  John Paul Mc Feely Jan 10 '12 at 10:11
There is a readme in the project: github.com/vertiginous/pik/blob/master/README.rdoc Or you can reference this blog post: blog.benhall.me.uk/2010/08/… –  Tyler K Jan 12 '12 at 18:51

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