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I want to set the values of the datepicker field and the altField when the page is loaded, and I was wondering if there's an option in the datepicker to do that automatically (i.e. without having to call setDate).

I know that if I do something like this:

$("#date-div").datepicker({altField:"#date-input",altFormat:"yy-mm-dd", defaultDate:+7});

With "date-div" being a div, the default date is automatically added to the "date-input" field when the page is loaded. But if I use a text field instead of a div it doesn't set the values automatically (I have to call "setDate" in a separate line).

I'm just curious about this, I have already implemented it calling setDate, but I would like to know if there's something to do it automatically and if not why? (since it does work when using a div to display the calendar).


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Not 100% elegant as it needs repetition but it works for me:

$("#date-div").datepicker({altField:"#date-input",altFormat:"yy-mm-dd", defaultDate:$("#date-input").val()});
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Your answer doesn't seem to work. Maybe due to differences in format –  TMP Jun 27 at 23:01

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