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I'm trying to use my AT90USB162 (Minimus USB board) as a CDC for sending a constant string to an hyperterminal connected to a comport. So I got the demo code Demos/Device/ClassDriver/VirtualSerial and made some changes:

In makefile:

MCU = at90usb162
F_CPU = 16000000

In VirtualSerial.h:

  • Removed all entries related to Joystick.h, since AT90USB162 does not have it
  • Created the header of functon SendSpecificString() (in exchange of the old CheckJoystickMovement(), which was related to the Joystick.h)

In VirtualSerial.c:

From SetupHardware(): removed call to Joystick_Init(), so the new code is (without comments).

void SetupHardware(void)
    MCUSR &= ~(1 << WDRF);

Removed the void CheckJoystickMovement(void) and created the void SendSpecificString(void), based on the first, but without the joystick stuffs:

void SendSpecificString(void)
    char*       ReportString  = "data packet";
    static bool ActionSent    = false;

    if ((ReportString != NULL) && (ActionSent == false))
        ActionSent = true;
        fputs(ReportString, &USBSerialStream);

And finally in main(): exchanged the CheckJoystickMovement() call to the void SendSpecificString() call.

int main(void)
    CDC_Device_CreateStream(&VirtualSerial_CDC_Interface, &USBSerialStream);

    for (;;)

So, code builds and I burn into AT90USB162 and enable it. The comport (#6 in my case) appears and I can connect to it from hyperterminal (I'm using HypoTerminal most of the times, but same result occurs with Microsoft Hyperterminal). When I connect to the comport, the terminal does not get stuck as expected, however I expected also that the string ReportString = "data packet" would appear continuously in hyperterminal, but actually nothing appears. Then, what would have I missed?

Thank you.

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Try to check if bit rate in your terminal program matches transmission rate of the MCU board. –  volodymyr Jan 9 '12 at 17:37
Yes they match. –  Rego Jan 9 '12 at 19:03

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I just discovered that the problem was not with the fputs or the CDC_Device_SendString calls. The condition loop was not necessary, in this case is enough to make

void SendSpecificString(void)
    char*       ReportString  = "data packet\r\n";
    fputs(ReportString, &USBSerialStream);

That's it.

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