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I'm on Kohana 3.2 and I need to deploy the same application to an HTTP server and a HTTPS server. In the head of my HTML I have my always loved:

<base href="<? echo URL::base(TRUE) ?>">

That's one of the best things I discovered for my views. The problem is that this is the first time I'm deploying to a HTTPS and it returns the wrong URL. This is the URL I request: https://s37839.gridserver.com/external/discovery/fbtabs/tlc_y_curiosidad/index.php/app/320141391342439

This is what URL::base(TRUE) returns: http://s37839.gridserver.com:443/external/discovery/fbtabs/tlc_y_curiosidad/ (Note the "http://" and the 443 port.) With this, the page doesn't load the assets correctly. You can check the page source for yourself.

I hope it's clear. Please let me know. Thanks a lot!

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Try using a protocol relative url.

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The problem is that even if I remove the scheme (what's before double slashes), Kohana's URL::base() is adding the 443 port into the URL, and that's not the request I need. Thanks anyway. –  Alejandro Iglesias Jan 9 '12 at 17:45

It was a bug in Kohana. They fixed it for the next release (3.3?). For now I got the new base() method from their GitHub repo.

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