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rails gem in my rails app. i use it with bbcode and as parser i use bbcodeizer.

bbcodeizer allows me to define own bbcode tags. tinymce allows me to add own buttons.

if i want to add a button, how do i make it work in the wysiwyg part of tinymce editor?

ed.addButton('mybutton2', {
                    title : 'My button2',
                    image : 'img/example.gif',
                    onclick : function() {
                        // Add you own code to execute something on click
                            ed.selection.setContent("[center]" + ed.selection.getContent() + '[/center]');

with that, i get my tinymce to add a [center]text[/center] around my text, in this way it is visible in my editor and saved in the database.

but how do i make it become visble in the editor like this

<p style="text-align">text</p>

(without html tags showing, but using them for wysiwyg) and saving [center]text[/center] in my database?

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You will need to insert <p style="text-align">text</p> with '<' and '>' as entities ('& gt;' and '& lt;' (remove space)). when saving your content to the database you will need to replace your entities with '[center]' and '[/center]'. You may use the onSave event for that.

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u may got me wrong. i found out, that ed.selection.setContent('<p style="text-align;">' + ed.selection.getContent() + '</p>'); was what i needed for getting the text centered in the editor text area. but there is a weird problem now. it only saves: <p style="text-align:center;">text without the </p> in the end. furthermore i dont get onSave saving [center]text[/center] – malice Jan 10 '12 at 12:29
btw if i use div tag, it saves div text div, but with p it doesnt save the 2nd p? – malice Jan 10 '12 at 12:51
it should save the 2nd p. maybe you got a type on the way to the db? – Thariama Jan 10 '12 at 14:49

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