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We're working on gathering statistics from our map reduce jobs. We're going to use counters for some things but I wonder if there's some way to access the statistics on the Web UI, such as rows inserted, bytes read/written, etc, in such a way that we can shove them into a database for later inspection.

How does the Web UI gather all this data, and can we use this gathered data in a way that doesn't involve parsing a downloaded html view of the report? Such as a file outputted by the job?

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Here is the tutorial for accessing the job counters. Here is the code to fetch the counters given jobid.

JobId jobId = new JobId("12345", 0);
Cluster cluster = new Cluster(new Configuration());

Job job = cluster.getJob(jobId);
Counters counters = job.getCounters();

Counter counter = counters.findCounter(JobCounter.NUM_FAILED_REDUCES);
long failedTasks = counter.getValue();

Once the counters have been retrieved put them in a DB and display them in the UI.

Besides the user defined counters JobCounter and TaskCounter are some of the Hadoop defined counters.

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So, to be clear, the values and stats on the web ui page that shows the results are for the most part stored as built-in counters? –  whiterook6 Jan 10 '12 at 21:48

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