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I'm getting start with the MonoTouch.Dialog and having some trouble with the DateElement. I tapped on the DateElement, got to the Date picker view and select a date. On my return back to the original Root view, the DateElement didn't pick up the date I selected.

I looked at the MonoTouch.Dialog sample code and didn't notice on any special handling need to be made in order to pick up the selected date. Am i missing anything?

My code is quite straight forward as follows:

var root = new RootElement (title) 

            new Section(PersonalTitle)

                new StringElement ("Username", username),
                new StringElement("Email",email),
                new EntryElement("Fullname", "Full Name", fullname),
                new EntryElement("Mobile", "Mobile", mobile),
                new DateElement("Birthday", birthday)


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This works for me. Can you post a more complete test case ? e.g. where birthday gets defined and assigned, where and how the root is used... –  poupou Jan 11 '12 at 12:21
would need to look at a full sample –  miguel.de.icaza Jan 11 '12 at 16:08

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